About Me

Harsh, Aarav & Me

Hello! I am Sonali Thaker, a finance professional, published author and a proud mommy to my son – Aarav. I was born to Hindu-Gujarati parents in Mumbai, India. My sister, Vaishali and I are the only children; I am the elder one! My papa – Harin, is a professional stage and television writer-director-actor and my mummy – Sapna, is a retired teacher and an Indian folk dancer and artist. I got the creative and artistic talents in my DNA from my multi-talented parents.

My parents moved to Ahmedabad, now a mega city in the Western province (state) of India when I was four. I finished schooling and university education in the city with a Bachelors Degree in Commerce. Alongside my academics, I acquired formal training in Indian classical dance – Bharatnatyam, classical music, folk and Bollywood dancing, and regional music. Since the age of three, I have performed over 200 stage shows presenting dance, music, plays, and anchoring. I have won many prizes in public speaking competitions. I pursued arts and crafts, cooking, clay-modelling, creative writing – poetry & stories as my hobbies always. I am fluent in Gujarati (my first language), Hindi, Kutchi, English (my professional language) languages and have knowledge of French and Japanese languages.

In 2007, I participated in Rotary’s Youth Leadership Award (RYLA), leadership training camp at international RYLA hosted in the United States. I also attended Rotary’s international convention promoting RYLA and its values to fellow Rotarians. I was one of the two participants from India to attend the camp. I had the privilege to meet 110 participants from over 19 countries. I learned advanced leadership techniques during the camp.

In 2008, I visited Japan under university’s exchange program. I attended Otemon Gakuin University in Osaka for a three-month period. I studied Japanese language, arts and culture, history and economics during my time there. I also had an opportunity to stay with a Japanese host family which added to my experience.

After completing my university degree in India, I moved to Toronto, Canada in 2011 for higher education. I finished Global Business post-graduate program here. I formally entered the workforce after that and have worked as Event Planning and Coordination, Student Advising and Finance fields since then. I am also a mompreneur; under the banner of Hats Creations, I import traditional handicraft from artisans in India and sell here. During my maternity leave, I braved to go back to school and successfully graduated from Alternative Dispute Resolution post-graduate program. I am a trained mediator/conflict resolution specialist.

2014 was the best and the most memorable year for me as I wed the love of my life – Harsh. He was working in the US before our wedding and then moved to Toronto where I live. He is the best hubby anyone could ever ask for.

February 2016 was the beginning of my mommy story-tale and journey into pregnancy and maternity. October 2016, I became mom to the most adorable and handsome little boy “Aarav”. I have lived in the moment ever since. “Babiesnmii” was born when Aarav called me “Mii”!

This blog, is my journey from a young-wed couple to becoming a mother and redefining life as “parent” to my son. Personally I feel, that parenting is an experience. It cannot be right or wrong. In fact parenting could be quantified by the values that defines your child and guides him to the path he would later call his destiny! I am no expert on this, but I feel sharing my experiences might help new and first-time parents a starting point on this new roller-coaster ride. Let us work together in creating these little beings into social butterflies in the times to come.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogs. Happy Parenting!

  • Mr and Mrs.
  • Aarav with his favourite Princess Cinderella
  • Graduation Ceremony at Humber College, Toronto, Canada
  • Delivering Thank You Speech
  • In Action Performing Garba, Indian Folk Dance Form
  • In Gujarati traditional attire "Chaniya Choli" completely hand-crafted
  • Performing Rajasthani Indian Folk Dance
  • All Smiles with Papa, Mummy, Me and Hubby
  • Father and Mother-In-Law at my Baby Shower
  • Aunt and Uncle-In-Law Naughty Moments
  • With my Sister Vaishali
  • Me in Japanese Traditional Kimono visiting Kyoto, Japan, 2008
  • With Prime Minister of India sharing my experiences from visit to Japan
  • 1000 paper cranes I made in Honor of all those who died in Hiroshima.
  • Presenting My Opinions at Personality Contest
  • Anchoring/MCing Live Show
  • Posing with RYLA Certificate, 2007 International RYLA, Salt Lake City, USA
  • 2007 International RYLA Team..I am in the first sitting row
  • Introducing Aarav!!
  • Life is Beautiful


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