Welcome to the Pregnancy, Maternity and Parenting Blog. This blog is a journey of my personal experiences as a first-time parent. I hope you enjoy reading the blogs and can get some of your questions answered. I am not a doctor or an expert, but a mom sharing from first-hand experience.

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The Mask Wash – Product Review

The global pandemic brought along new terms to the dictionary of our daily lives. This includes pandemic, COVID-19, Coronavirus, social distancing, physical distancing, mandatory masks, face coverings, etc. Even before the COVID times, I used sanitizer at all times, carried a pack of disinfecting wipes in my purse, and even did not hesitate to wear … More The Mask Wash – Product Review

70 Quarantine Activities for Kids

2021 certainly began on a positive note with light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccinations across the globe is like the silver-lining on the clouds. However, until everything gets back on track, we continue to keep ourselves and our little ones active and creative. I hope these ideas will help all parents, teachers, care-providers … More 70 Quarantine Activities for Kids

New Year’s Resolutions For Parents

New Year brings hope and positivity in all of our lives. With events happening throughout the year, we all feel tired and exhausted. New Year means renewed energy and a fresh perspective to everyday things. Around this time of the year, I see a lot of Social Media activity with people’s resolutions such as fitness … More New Year’s Resolutions For Parents