The Beginning…

Hello & Welcome to my blog. Babiesnmii is my first blog where I hope to share my pregnancy, maternity and postpartum experiences with you. I wish I can walk with you through this beautiful journey and you can relate it with mine. I am a loved wife , a working woman and a mommy to a handsome little boy – Aarav.

I have always had a passion for writing. As a child, I scribbled poems about my papa, mummy and sister. As I grew older I got creative with my writing skills and explored writing short stories, speeches, poems, essays and a book! This blog is dedicated to my loving hubby Harsh – my motivator and pillar of support, my dad – Harin, who is a writer himself – my inspiration and of course my mom – Sapna, my parenting idol!! 

It was 2:00 am when my pregnancy test showed “+”… it felt like the second-best moment of my life, the first being the destiny of meeting my better half! The feeling of me – as a “mommy-to-be” filled my little world with delight. My heart was pounding and eyes rolling with tears of joy; I was going to be a mother in 9 months! Holding the pregnancy test in my hand, I ran into the bedroom to wake my hubby and share the wonderful news! The complete moment is recreated in my mind as I write this. Those are the most mesmerizing and memorable moments of my life.

I am a memory-loving person – and I literally mean this. I still have my first notebook from nursery school that my parents put in my memory box. And so, this new journey that I was going to embark into was very very special to me. From the first day, I maintained my own little pregnancy journal to make all the funny, silly, memorable moments and also kept a memory box to collect special things through these nine months. It was then that I decided about starting my own blog. Well, it certainly took a bit longer to start writing, but finally it is here. 

If you are a first-time parents-to-be, you are in the right place! I will be sharing my beautiful journey from the beginning of my pregnancy and delivery to postpartum and parenting. I am proud to write this blog as a mother and a working woman. I am representing many of you who are reading this blog at the moment.

This blog will serve as a platform for all the new parents-to-be to get their questions answered. I would love to hear your feedback and personal experiences on the subject. I hope you enjoy reading the blogs. Happy motherhood & parenting!



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