10 Quarantine Play & Learn Activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Keeping toddlers busy through the quarantine is not an easy task. Here are some educational learning activities you can engage your toddler in while you are attending those important work meetings!

  1. Alphabet and Number Activities: Toddlers getting ready for school are excited about all the alphabet activities. Follow the link below for great printable alphabet activity worksheet for toddlers including, complete the missing alphabets, match the alphabets with drawings, circle the correct alphabets, etc.  Circle the Same Alphabets, Circle the Correct Alphabets, Opposites, Missing Alphabets

Similar to alphabets, here are some printable numbers activities worksheets. Count and write, match the numbers, write the missing numbers, etc.  Count and Write Numbers, Missing Numbers

  1. Shapes and Colors: My toddler is very much into shapes and numbers. You can cut out some shapes using construction paper. Next, draw some designs that could be created using the shapes you just cut out. For ease, use similar colors as the cut-outs. Ask your child to match the design using the shape cut-outs. For more shapes and color activity worksheets, follow the link below to download free printable worksheets.  Match the Shapes ,Trace and Color Shapes
  2. Flash Card Play: Toddlers getting ready for school, love reading their alphabets and numbers over and over again. Use the flash cards for reading and remembering alphabets and numbers. You may play match the alphabets, memory game or guess the colors and shapes flash card. I use all these flash cards purchased from amazon.
  3. Reading: In today’s tech-world, keeping kids closer to the books is becoming challenging. Luckily, my son is very much into hard copy books and has limited (30 minutes max) screen time each day. And we have survived through the quarantine with this without complaints or whining. Encourage your child to read books. You may read it to them and then let them explore the book themselves. I find my son reading himself, even though he can’t read, he looks at the picture and makes a story himself. If he has read the book with his papa or me, he recalls the story as he flips through the pages. This helps him improve his vocabulary, speaking skills, sharpen his memory, and bring his imagination to play. Dollarama has some great books for toddlers. They are cheap and the best. If you are unable to go out, use the flyers, magazines or any other print material you may have at home.  One tip I would share with you from my personal experience is to create a little reading corner for your toddler. I bought the book rack to put all his books so it is accessible to him. He has a small chair beside his book rack to sit and read his books.WhatsApp Image 2020-05-31 at 2.53.43 PM
  4. Magnet Play: Playing with magnets is another great activity for toddlers. It allows them to be creative, learn more about shapes and colors as well as eye and hand coordination. I use this magnet set for my son and I purchased it from amazon.WhatsApp Image 2020-05-31 at 2.54.23 PM
  5. Train Tracks: Trains are our all-time favourite play time activity. He enjoys the time laying out the tracks on the floor by connecting each track and creating new track layouts each time. Then playing with his trains and observing it go through the tunnel and bridge. I like Ikea’s kids train set as it is very easy to set-up, store and play with.
  6. Bubbles Play: Let your child enjoy blowing and playing with bubbles. This activity I find is great for eyes and hand coordination. It also improves attention of your child as he engages in locating the bubbles before they burst. You may add counting numbers by making him count the bubbles he touches or bursts, this will add some more fun!
  7. Uno Cards Learning Activity: Toddlers are naturally very curious about everything around us. My son always wants to play with us when we play cards or Uno cards. I use Uno cards for colors and numbers. To play, divide the deck into half. Pick a deck for yourself and the other half for your toddler. Tell him to look out for matching colors or number cards. When ever he matches a color or number he gets to pick the pile. Whoever has most cards, wins! Great for practicing numbers and colors. P.S. remove the action cards from the deck i.e. Skip, Reverse, Draw Two, Wild, and Draw Four cards. 
  8. Games: Toddlers cannot survive without playing games! Here are some games we play at home:
    • Jumping Monkeys  – It is available for purchase from Amazon.
    • Pictionary – Use your imagination and draw as much as you can. My son practices his drawing through this game. We use this app to get clues. 
    • Dice Pop Race Game – Great for beginners and your toddler will enjoy popping the dice for you!
    • Carrom Board – I grew up playing this game and my son loves it too! It is available for purchase at Amazon
    • Snakes & Ladders – This is the standard and basic fun game for all ages. This is a 3D game set available on Toys R Us.
    • Housie / Bingo – Great game to teach your toddler numbers! And fun for the family
  9. Lego and Mega Blocks Free Play:

Let your child’s imagination come to life. My son loves playing with Mega Blocks and Lego bricks. He builds bridges, towers, castles, airplanes, houses, and free play designs. To challenge your child, you can ask them to follow steps to create a simple design. Start with smaller designs (using a few blocks or bricks) for toddlers. Here are the sets my son uses for Mega Blocks and Lego play. These are usually on the deal at Samko & Miko and Costco. I am sure you will be able to keep your toddler busy while you are working from home or trying to cook that special meal! 

Enjoy these activities at home and don’t forget to share with us on our Facebook page.


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