Baby Clothing and Accessories by The Elk Baby

I love shopping for my baby during pregnancy and more after birth (because I know what size he would fit into!).  On my constant lookout for high-quality baby clothing, I came across The Elk Baby. They offer a wide range of baby clothing and clothing accessories including bodysuits, bottoms, blankets, wraps, burp cloths as well as beanies. All the clothing is designed and crafted by mom! Who else can do this job better than a mother?!

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The Elk Baby Story

I had the pleasure to meet and speak with Senthu, the creative mind, and owner of beautiful baby apparel. Senthu hails from India and belongs to a weaver family. Growing up, she saw her textile export business grow. She studies and has worked in the apparel industry for over 15 years and noticed a gap in the quality of cotton apparel (clothing) and the price of high-quality products in the North American market. While she had her second child, this need became a necessity for her and The Elk Baby was born! Analyzing the gap, Senthu created good quality cotton clothing from the softest cotton at affordable prices and with the aim of making them more sustainable. Her motto is “Quality, Affordability & Sustainability”! Currently, the product line includes newborn to 6-month baby clothing and accessories. All the products are designed in Canada and manufactured in India. 

Why do I like The Elk Baby Products?

  1. Organic Cotton Clothing –  Personally, I have very sensitive skin. When my son was born, even though he looks like his daddy, he got my skin sensitivity! So I am always on the lookout for cotton clothes. When I touched The Elk Baby clothes for the first time, they felt absolutely soft. The cotton material is perfect for sensitive skin. Again, each person reacts differently to cotton, but this works best for us.
  2.  Soft Colors – The clothes and accessories have such soft colors as white, baby pink, light blue, and light grey. Even the prints on these clothing are very soft, which made me fall for them the moment I saw them!  
  3. Mix and Match Designs – Each product line has similar designs which allowed me to match the clothes and accessories. I also tried mixing and matching similar colors with different designs. 
  4. Blanket Speciality – The baby blankets have specialized prints. The blankets have digital prints. This is their specialty. They design the blankets and print those designs very much like printing on paper. It looks lovely with the prints and so many designs to choose from!
  5. Reward Program – When you sign up and make purchases through their online store, you receive Elk Points which can be redeemed toward future purchases!

My Favorite Product

I support breastfeeding and recall the spit-ups my son had while we indulged in an intense burp session after each feed! Finding good burp cloths is really hard and I was lucky to find these with The Elk Baby! They have perfect burp cloths. They are big enough to well cover your shoulder and into your back to avoid spit-up mishaps! I 100% recommend burp cloths from their shop! Burp Cloth

Be sure to check out The Elk Baby online! And check them out on Instagram to know more about their products and promotions. Happy parenting!!


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