Reflections From The First Trimester

The first trimester flew in the blink of our eyes, however, my morning sickness made it a little bit more challenging. Aside from that everything else seemed to be highly magical. From the moment of knowing I was pregnant to sharing the news and living with the fact that I was raising a human being inside, I felt wonderful. My bonding with my husband was more beautiful as he cared for me not only as his wife but also as a “mom-to-be”! He took care of my routine, my comfort, my food cravings and aversions, my overall likes and dislikes. His parents were lucky to be here spending some time with us on Canada during my first trimester. They were with us until I was six months pregnant.


I observed it was very natural for me to touch my belly every now and then. It was instantaneous and normal. I had started talking to my baby – even though he was very very little. I created the bond from the very beginning. My baby bump was visible only towards the end of my first trimester. It was small, I could actually hide it in my palm, but I loved it! I flaunted it with pride and smile on my face. One of the other things I hated was going for blood works. When my doctor sent me for pregnancy confirmation, I passed out as usual when the pathologist took my blood.

There was another nurse on site who suggested me to lie down while I get my blood work done to avoid passing out. And this actually worked! I was too worried of causing harm to my baby when I passed out, but the pathologist comforted me saying my baby will be fine!
My husband and I were emotionally amused about this whole experience and had started planning about the coming months. My doctor visits, baby shower, hospital trips, shopping for the baby and all the zillion things we had on our list as first-time parents-to-be. Personally, for me, this trimester was full of mixed emotions. I was happy, overwhelmed, afraid as well as sad. I was happy because I was living the most-awaited moments of our life. Our pregnancy overwhelmed both and husband and me because we both live in Canada all by ourselves and our families are in India. It was a lot to coping up and managing things in order to get through the full pregnancy and delivery. My in-laws were with us until I was six months pregnant and then left for India. I was sad as I wanted to be with my mom and she could only come to Canada towards my due date (which was 3.5 months after my in-laws left). Thus, my husband and I were on our own. But we were lucky enough to have his uncle’s family who lives 3 hours away from us and were always there when we needed them. They were our greatest support and our parents in Canada. I loved the feeling of being a ‘mom’ and seeing my body prepare me for this journey. My fear of losing so much weight on the one hand and coping up with the morning sickness on the other made me a little uncomfortable. But, I knew, it was all going to get over soon once I was in my second trimester as everyone told me it was the best trimester and things will be much better. My advice to all the new parents-to-be is that capture these moments as this time will not came back neither these feelings or expressions. Even if you have children or this is your first and you have more in the future, the feelings will be different and inexpressible. So, take lots of pictures, keep the journal and fill in these memories to share with your baby once she grows up.

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