Second Trimester In a Nut Shell

The most common hearing about this trimester is that it is one of the best trimester and the most enjoyable 3 months of your pregnancy. Everything is more or less stable, your morning sickness usually fades out, your belly is growing with your little human and you are putting on weight! This is a very exciting trimester as you have 2 major ultra sounds- 1 to check your baby for any genetic disorders mainly Downs Syndrome, usually at 13 and 17 weeks; and 2nd at 15 weeks where if you wish to know the gender of your baby! And the most awaited part of your pregnancy- feeling your baby’s movements or as we all know baby’s kicks.
This was my best trimester as I had some relief from unbearable morning sickness and nausea. I was able to add constant weight to my body and my baby was growing and developing well. My husband and I were excited to know the gender of our baby, however, my boy never cooperated with the Radiologist. It remained a mystery until he was born! 
The overall ease this trimester brings in to you as a mom-to-be, there are discomforts that also set in and will continue until the end of your pregnancy. Sleeping is a trouble now as your body adds weight, sleeping on your back is not at all comfortable, neither it is recommended. As sleeping on you back may affect the blood flow to your baby. It is best to sleep on your side with pillow support. You will feel your baby anytime between week 15 to week 26. They usually start as light flutters and then turn into a football match. So moms, forget about your night sleep, because that’s the time your player is most active and wanting to play!
Talk to your baby, read books or listen to the music. This will be the best time you could bond with your baby and she will carry those memories somewhere in her heart even after she is born. All through my pregnancy, I listened to different kinds of music, and to my surprise the songs that my boy love in the womb are still his favourite and would dance when I play them now. So, keep bonding and introducing your baby to things you’d like her to develop and interest into. 
Another important event for all the coming months are your doctor appointments. Keep up with your doctor visits every 4 weeks usually until you are 30 weeks, then every 2 weeks until 37 weeks and they would be every week after that until you deliver. Your doctor will also run Glucose tests for you to check if you have developed any Gestational Diabetes. All these are normal protocols and do not need panicking.
It is wonderful to notice that once you start feeling your baby’s kicks, you’ll know her schedule too. When she is awake, asleep, on a play mode or is hungry. I even felt her hiccups closer to the 7th month. So, monitor your baby’s movements and if you feel any changes in her routine, call your doctor right away. Remember, you know your baby best. If you are unsure of anything, just call your doctor’s office or visit the hospital to get yourself checked to make sure everything is fine.
In all, enjoy this trimester to the fullest as your beauty will glow, you’d be flaunting your baby bump and feeling excited for the new arrival. Keep up with your journal if you are writing one, if not live the moments and build your memories.


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