Second Trimester Must Haves

Pregnancy is a very funny journey as you cannot predict what you’d feel the next moment. Mom-to-be might be freezing cold a minute ago and now wants fan or air conditioning; her favourite foods now make her throw up. She will want to laugh but you’ll see tears rolling down her cheeks! As the months go by your body will demand certain comforts to support your growing body allowing you to cope up with all the hormonal, physical as well as emotional changes.

This trimester your body undergoes a lot of physical changes including increased body weight, growing belly bump as well as enlarging breasts. The comfort of being in your regular body goes away with this trimester due to sleep regression, frequent urination affecting sleep and other activities, growing baby weight adding stress on your back and thighs. To assist you in a better transition through this trimester check the below must haves for this trimester:

  1. Support Pillow
  2. Water Bottle
  3. Maternity Pants
  4. Comfy Shoes
  5. Dresses / Tops
  6. Tums (Anti-acidants)
  7. Support Belt
  8. Snacks
  9. Support Bra/Maternity Bra
  10. Waterproof Mattress Cover

1.   Support Pillow: As you baby develops and grows, you will be putting on some weight along with your baby. Your thighs would grow and so will your belly. Sleeping is one of the challenges starting this trimester. Extra pillows to support your body will make sleeping a bit more comfortable. At times you might feel like sleeping in the fort of pillows. I used pillows under my knees and thighs to rest my body.

2.   Water Bottle: You will feel dehydrated very quickly and this will lead to physical exhaustion. Keep drinking water or other clear liquids to help you cope up with the fatigue and exhaustion. I always kept water bottle beside me and moved around with it. You can also keep multiple bottles, one in your bedroom, one for the living room and may be one for traveling. Also, adding a slice of lemon or cucumber to the water can give you added taste.

3.    Maternity Pants: This trimester will make your baby grow quickly and you will see your belly growing each week. With the bump, it is really uncomfortable to wear your regular pants as they don’t support your bump very well. Maternity pants come with an extended band that can go over your belly making it easy to wear. I purchased maternity jeans as well as shorts from Thyme Maternity. They were pull-ups with out buttons or zippers, making me very comfortable to wear. And best part, no one would even know!

4.   Comfy Shoes: As months pass by, walking becomes troublesome due to adding body weight, growing belly as well as swelling in your legs. From the beginning of this trimester, I had started adding extra fat near my thighs and walking was so much bothersome to me. But it is very much necessary and I remember walking quite a bit myself. For a comfortable walk, you need a comfy pair of shoes which supports your body well and you are not at risks of slips or falls. I wore slippers from Crocs through my pregnancy. I was lucky to enjoy summer through my pregnancy and so slippers were a perfect choice!


5.   Dresses/Tops: Just as I mentioned above, you need maternity pants to support you through the coming months and dresses will also be a comfortable choice. I enjoyed wearing dresses during my pregnancy and flaunted my baby bump. Dresses are single piece and so there is no discomfort of wearing pants or adjusting them on, over or under your belly. Dresses also make it easier for the pee-runs which starts establishing with your second trimester. If you prefer to wear pants, baggy tops can also support your belly and make you comfortable. 

6.    Tums: I encountered severe heartburn with the onset of my second trimester. My doctor recommended me to take Tums to cope up with the heartburn. You must ask your doctor before taking this as every person and different.

7.   Support Belt: As I have repeatedly mentioned, as the months go, your belly would grow putting a lot of stress on your back. Support belts can be worn under your belly to support the belly and your back. I bought one from Thyme Maternity. Check with your doctor if it is okay for you to use this. I used it for sometime but then discontinued as my baby did not like it, he kicked me so hard to get the belt off.

8.     Snacks: Your baby will be hungry at all times and so you will feel hungry at all times. Eating small snacks throughout the day is best during pregnancy. As your baby takes away most nutrients from you, you will feel hungry very quickly. Keeping handy snack bags will save your run to the kitchen. I kept a food basket with me which had a few Chewy Bars, Chips, Fruits as well as Crackers. 

9. Support Bra/Maternity Bra: With your progressing pregnancy, your body will prepare you for breast-feeding. Your breasts will grow, usually a size 2-3 bigger then your regular size. To support your breasts and make you comfortable, you will need a good support/maternity bra. Wearing wired bra became challenging and so I switched to support bras from Thyme Maternity. Even Walmart and H & M sells them now. 

10.   Waterproof Mattress Cover: My husband and I invested in a waterproof mattress cover in this trimester to avoid mess ups. I had read and heard from a few people that if you go into labor pre-maturely and your water breaks, it might spoil the mattress. Investing in a waterproof mattress cover, you could avoid the mess and just change the cover. I also found it comforting for myself, that if I have a severe and sudden vomiting I did not have to worry about running to the restroom if I can’t reach there in time. 

All these items helped me survive through my second trimester. I am sure you might have other items that you used. Feel free to share your experiences and other items here for the readers. 


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