Baby Shower Games

Are you ready to have some fun with your guests at the Baby shower? It is very common these days for all of us to search on Pinterest or Instagram for ideas ranging from dresses to decors to games and party themes. Baby shower games are particularly exciting as all the adults get to be kids and play. When we planned our shower, I wanted to do games much differently. I was tired of playing diaper the baby doll, taste the baby food, eat or feed the cereals blindfolded or don’t say the word “Baby”. So I came up with some not-so-common or never-played before games. At our shower we had kids and adults and so I wanted to include games for all of them. So here is your guide to new games for your Shower or any other event.

Games for Kids (2 to 6 years)

1)  Hopping Bunny

This is a fun game for little guests allowing them to hop and hunt for treats.

What you need:

  •         A long rope
  •         Small pack of chips

How to play:

  •      Tie the pack of chips on the rope at a reasonable distance
  •      Ask 2 people to hold the ends of the rope
  •      Make the kids line up under the rope
  •      Tell them to lock their hands at the back
  •      They need to hop as bunnies to catch the chips in their mouth
  •      Bunny who gets it first wins the game

Modification: You can use mini Cheetos, Vege Sticks or pre-made treat bags as well

2)   Balancing Race

Game which allows your special guests to practice their balancing skills.

What you need:

  •      Spoons
  •      Kinder Joy candies

How to play:

  •      Hand a spoon and a candy to each player
  •       They need to put the spoon in their mouth and put the candy on the spoon
  •       Line them up on one side of the room/party area
  •    They need to walk across the finishing line without touching or dropping the candy from the spoon
  •       Whoever reaches the finish line first wins the race

Modification: You can use lemons, golf balls or Lindt candy

Games For All Other Guests

1)  Know Your Alphabets

This is the simplest yet, challenging game. At my shower, we played this with all the men.

How to play:

  •       Call all the guests you want to play this game
  •       They cannot use their cell phones or other writing materials
  •       Tell them to say the alphabets, but in the reverse order – “Z to A”
  •       Enjoy watching them scuffle with the alphabets

2)    Mommy Wants This

I loved playing this game and commanding the players by demanding various items.

How to play:

  •      Call your players to the centre of the room
  •       This game can be played in teams or individually
  •      Ask your players and all other guests to be alert as everyone will have a role to play
  •      Once everyone is ready to play, Mommy-to-be can start calling her list – one item at a time
  •      Every time, you ask for an item, players have 20 seconds to look for the item and bring it to the centre
  •      Those who fail to do so, will be eliminated from the next round
  •      The one who fulfill the full list of demands, meaning who wins through all the item rounds wins!

For instance – If you call for a nail polish, players can run to the guests and take the nail polish and come back to their spot and hold it high for you to see. Start the list with easy items and move on to tough ones to find at a party!

List of items you can ask for:

1.    I-Phone /Samsung Phone

2.    Crayons/Pens

3.    Golden Clutch

4.    Hair Brush/Comb

5.    Lipstick (you can ask for specific shade or brand)

6.    Tie-Pin

7.    Flower

8.    Diaper / Wipes

9.    Battery Bank

10. Handkerchief

Modification: To make it fair and quicker you can arrange chairs for the players. After every round of items, you can remove 1 chair. It will be so much fun to watch participants run back to get the seat to avoid being eliminated.

3)  Tie Your Ponytail Right

One of my favorite games! I played this with all couples at the shower.

What you need:

  •      Chairs to sit on
  •       Rubber bands

How to play:

  •      Ask the men to be seated on the chair
  •      Have their partners to stand behind them
  •      Men can hold rubber bands in their hand
  •      At the count of 3 partners will start tying ponytails on their men
  •      In 60 seconds whichever team ties maximum ponytails, wins

4)    Guess Mommy’s Belly

Baby shower is a big show for “Mommy-to-be” and having her guests guess how big her belly is, is a fun way for her to feel special.

What you need:

  •      2-3 colorful ribbon/lace rolls
  •      2 pair of scissors

How to play:

  •      Ask the players to guess the size of mommy’s belly
  •      They can measure their guess on the ribbon and cut it
  •      They can hold on to their ribbons until everyone has one
  •       Mommy-to-be can then have a ribbon cut with her belly size
  •       Then have all the cut ribbons measured against the actual ribbon
  •      Whoever guessed the belly size accurate or closest to mommy’s belly wins the game

Playing games at the baby shower are fun ways to involve all your guests and enjoy the celebrations. We also brought simple gifts for the winners of the games. For all kids, we gave them Kinder Joy candies for playing with us. I hope you enjoy playing these games with your guests. Share your experience with me and our readers.

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