Celebrating Mother’s Day in Quarantine

(top left to right) Grandma and Me; Mom and me;
(bottom left to right) My Bunny & Me; Mom-In-Law and Me

As we are all getting used to the “new normal”, staying home shouldn’t really stop us from showing our love and gratitude for the people we love. With each new day, calendar forwards without a change and occasions come on the defined time – unaware of the fact that we are under lockdown due to COVID-19. With the occasions falling on a calendar day, the only difference I find is that everything is home-bound instead of a fun-filled evening watching the most awaited blockbuster at Cineplex followed by dinner at your favorite restaurant or traveling to the nearby destination and spending a night at the lake-side hotel! But this shouldn’t stop the fun or stop you from celebrating and acknowledging the special days – Birthday, Anniversary, Festivals, and appreciation days such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!

Since 2020 is a special year, Mother’s Day celebration should also be made special! I believe, a lot of you are not geographically in the proximity of where you mother lives or you do but are following the social distancing guidelines and might have to celebrate this day virtually – but I feel you can still make this day memorable for both of you! No matter how you celebrate, the feelings will never change.  Luckily, my mother lives with me and I am also blessed to be spending my day with my three-and-a-half-year-old son at home. Here are some plans on how to celebrate this special day with your mother and kids.

  1. Breakfast in Bed: This could be really executed virtually as well. Decide on a menu your mother likes and prepare breakfast. Share what you plan to make with your mother. On Mother’s Day morning, you may both virtually enjoy breakfast in bed and talk about some great old memories. If you are planning to do this with your kids, try to get help from your better-half to help prepare your favorite breakfast, and serve you in bed. This will let you tuck into bed for a little longer and make you feel special.
  2. Watch a TV Show or a Movie: Ask your mother for a favorite movie(s). You could settle on one and watch it together. If you are social distancing, watch the movie by yourself and then chat with her after to share your views about the movie. With your kids, pick a movie you’d all like to watch together. If you have younger children, I would prefer animation or kid-centered movie so everyone can enjoy the whole movie without having to stop halfway. Add in popcorn baskets and juice/soda while watching the movie to feel like you are at the movie theatre.
  3. Play Games: Since the day is for you to celebrate the best time with your mother, you can choose to play some games – cards, Ludo, Bingo, Housie, etc. Since your mother and you played these when you were a child, this could help you both relive your childhood memories. If social distancing, you may choose to play the games online by joining a House Party or through video conferencing. Kids love playing games and being quarantined, I believe this would be one of their favorite things to do! You may play Uno cards, Cards, Bingo, Monopoly, or other games your family usually plays. Our family favorite is Pictionary – I totally want to play this. You can also play this game virtually if social distancing with your mother.
  4. Cooking or Baking: This is my all-time favorite. You can do this virtually and physically together. I cannot believe if someone told me they never asked their mother about a recipe or video-called her to confirm if the pasta was well cooked or something in the oven is burning. This could be the best time bond with your mother and kids overcooking or baking. You might want to pick a recipe for dinner and cook together. If socially distant, can both will have a coordinated dinner menu. You may choose to cook dinner with your kids and teach them your favorite recipe and or bake some cake or cookies. Remember – the goal is to spend some time together and build memories.
  5. Hobby Activity: This is more of an open door for your mother and you to decide what you’d like to do. You may choose to engage in some gardening, sewing, or knitting or listening to some music and singing songs together. Whatever you both like doing together is the key to this activity. Activity with kids leaves you with a choice to pick what you’d like to do for the day. It is your special day! You may choose to do some painting, craft, gardening, or even performing yoga and exercises with your kids. Enjoy whatever you choose to do and don’t forget to take pictures.
  6. Girl Things: I would love to get pampered at all times; but in quarantine, I’d still want to enjoy some me-time doing girly stuff. You can virtually do some hair and nails with your mother and match the nail colors or use same-style scrunchies. Dress up in matching outfits or color-coded dress to enjoy this special day. If you have a girl, you can both enjoy this together. My son loves picking my nail colors so I am sure we both will enjoy this time together too.
  7. Quiet Time: If you are socially distant and unable to connect with your mother virtually either, spend the day as you wish to. You can choose to read a book, go out on a nature walk, listen to music, engage in a meditation session, or look at the pictures of your mother and you! Relive those memories again.
We Fill Each Other’s World… Best Feeling is Being his Mii

I am hopeful that you will make the best of this 2020 Special Quarantine Mother’s Day. Do not forget to share some wonderful pictures and your stories of how you spent your special day with us.
Wishing a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the courageous, beautiful and wonderful souls and our superwoman we all call “Mom”.

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