Pine Cone Activities

Natural supplies are the best for some amazing activities. While on nature walks we pick up pine cones, twigs, flowers, leaves and branches. My son enjoys picking pine all by himself. I love using these for art and craft activities. Here are some activities you can do using pine and twigs.

  • Pine Cone Chandelier: Paint as many pine cones as you like. I IMG_9349decided on seven pine cones and colored them with rainbow colors. Next, use string and beads to create beaded strings to hang the pine. My son loved counting the beads and putting them through the string. Next, tie the pine cone to the strings you prepared. Lastly, tie all the pines to a long twig. Your chandelier is ready. You can put this in your garden, balcony, living room, or display as a wall hanging. This beautiful chandelier is now hanging in our living room.
  • Pine Cone Painting: Randomly paint the pine cones with colors of your choice and put them for display or use as decorations around the house. I just did random painting with one pine cone. I decided to paint the cone with rainbow colors. I am just a big fan of the “VIBGYOR”! It looks beautiful as a little corner piece on my work from a home desk. 
  • Pine Cone and Twig Camp Fire: Missing camping during IMG_9369quarantine can be replaced by this activity. First, make a circle using the twigs on paper. Using clear glue, stick the twigs on the paper. Tip – use thick construction paper or cardboard because twigs will add some weight to the paper. Next, paint the pine cone orange/yellow to make it look like fire. Once the color dries, stick the pine cone on the twigs. Your quarantine campfire is ready! 
  • Pine Cone Stamp Painting: This is similar to any stamp painting activity. Take some colors on a plate. Next, dip the cleaned pine cone in color. Stamp the cone on paper. You can create a nice flower vase with the pine cone stamped flowers. To give it a natural feel, use a twig to create the stems for the flowers. It is your natural flower painting.  

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