Popsicle Stick Activities

Popsicle sticks are very handy and affordable art supplies. They fit in any activity my son and I do. Try out these popsicle sticks fun activities with your toddler:

  1. Hand Puppet: Using a craft paper, pompom, and popsicle stick, we made a kite puppet. Draw the picture of a kite on the craft paper. Next cut out the drawing. Use pompoms in place of the eyes and face of the kite. Stick the kit on a popsicle stick. The puppet is ready for play. You can make smiley faces, animals, etc.IMG_9013
  2. Family Super Heroes: My son is a big fan of “Superman”, interestingly he has never watched any Superman movies, but loves the superhero.  So, I asked him to draw all of our faces – mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, uncle, and himself. I helped him cut out the faces. Next, he gave each of us a special symbol – star, square, diamond, etc. I helped him cut those as well. Then, we created the capes for all of the characters. Finally, we stuck the faces, cape, and power-symbol for each of us on the popsicle stick. That’s it, your family superheroes are ready for display!IMG_9265
  3. Picture Frame: I loved this quick and best idea as Mother’s Day gift DIY. Color the popsicle sticks, sprinkle some glitter and stick the edges together. Print a picture you like and stick it on the frame. I use a portable HP Sprocket Printer for pocket-size pictures. This is handy and fits in your purse. Great for birthday parties or quick pictures for you to put on your refrigerator. 
  4. Popsicle Stick Tree: With Spring in sight, we got inspired during our nature walk looking at the trees, tiny leaves, and buds on the cherry blossom trees. For this activity, first, take about six (6) popsicle sticks. Color them brown to use as trunk and branches. Next, ask your child to draw some flowers. I taught my son to draw flowers and leaves. This was not so hard. For flowers, we made a small circle and made the letter “C” around the circle. He loved making the flowers. For the leaves, I taught him to make a thin oval shape and draw lines inside. I taught him one and he did the rest! Next stick all the branches, flowers, and leaves together. Finally, use an empty tissue box as the tree trunk (base). You may also use play dough to create a base. img_9554
  5. Random Designs: Using popsicle sticks, you and your child can create some shapes and designs. My son made this popsicle stick house. He also likes to play with the sticks creating random designs. IMG_9296
  6. Shapes Learning Tool: Popsicle sticks are one of the easiest tools to help your child in learning shapes. My son loves to use these and make shapes and designs such as square, rectangle, triangle, house, car, etc.

I hope you enjoy creating these arts and share with us on our Facebook page.


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