70 Quarantine Activities for Kids

2021 certainly began on a positive note with light at the end of the tunnel. Vaccinations across the globe is like the silver-lining on the clouds. However, until everything gets back on track, we continue to keep ourselves and our little ones active and creative. I hope these ideas will help all parents, teachers, care-providers support in planning their days.

For more tips and instructions on these activities be sure to read the below listed blogs :

Here is a complete list of activities, games, crafts, etc. for you to do it with your little ones.

  1. Hand/Foot/Finger Painting 
  2. Pistachio shell art/craft
  3. Play Dough creations 
  4. Popsicle stick art/crafts – Hand Puppet, Super Hero, Picture Frame, Popsicle Stick Tree, Shapes Learning, Random Design Play
  5. Pine Cone Activities – Chandelier, Pine Cone Painting, Pine Cone and Twigs Camp Fire
  6. No-mess Canvas painting
  7. Recycled plastic bottle Fire Fly
  8. Tissue box Old-Style Dial-Up Telephone
  9. Tissue box Guitar
  10. Paper Plate and Pipe Cleaner Octopus 
  11. Recycled Bottle Cap Activity 
  12. Paper Roll Projector
  13. Q-Tip Cotton Ball Painting
  14. Recycled-Container Piggy Bank
  15. Thumb Paint Balloon Bouquet
  16. Rock Painting
  17. Recycled Can Bunny
  18. Popsicle Stick Snowflake
  19. Initiate Mental Health Conversations with Your kids
  20. Make a See-Through Book
  21. Fairy Jar Night Light
  22. Pencil Shavings Craft 
  23. Recycled Crayons (Make candles or recycle old crayons into new crayons)
  24. Fuse Beads Design/Creations 
  25. Creative Painting (Just let the little fingers roll on paper/canvas)
  26. Teach/Learn a Second Language
  27. Read Affirmations 
  28. Plantation/Home Garden/Terrarium
  29. Exercise
  30. Yoga/Meditation
  31. Ride a Bike/Scooter
  32. Skate/Ice-Skate
  33. Go for Walk or Stroll
  34. Singing and Dancing Session
  35. Movie Night at Home (With Pop Corn and Juice)
  36. Play Time with Pets
  37. Assign Chores to Kids
  38. Introduce/Practice Religious Beliefs
  39. Host a Grooming Night (Moms and Girls can do some nail paint/give your boys some mani or pedi)
  40. Have a bubble bath 
  41. Read Books
  42. Play Musical Instruments (Drum, Guitar, Piano, Trumpet – nothing fancy then may be just a whistle)
  43. Build with Lego/Mega Blocks
  44. Create Puzzles – Challenge your kids if you see they are getting good at it (size and complexity of the puzzle)
  45. Race with Cars/Arrange them in a disciplined fashion 
  46. Play with Drill Set
  47. Magnet Creations
  48. Bubble Play
  49. Blow and Pop Balloons 
  50. Flash Card – Design Your Own or Play/Read the Cards
  51. Theme Play with Trains
  52. Uno Card Games – Standard Game of Uno, Memory Games, Play and Learn Numbers and Colors
  53. Board Games – Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, Scramble, Chess, Dice Pop, etc.
  54. Carom Board
  55. Sports – Basketball, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Cricket
  56. Organize Kids Play/Activity Area 
  57. Bake Some Cake/Cookies/Cup Cakes
  58. Design Your Own Sweaters (On Paper)
  59. Tell A Story – Start with an opening sentence, e.g. There was a Lion who lived in the mountains. Now let each family member add their own sentences and complete your own story!
  60. Play Pictionary – great for young kids to help them learn to draw and also fun for the family night
  61. Enjoy Quiet Time – Let everyone be in their own and enjoy the quiet time
  62. Play Memory Game – Player 1 starts with a word, next player repeats the first work and add a new word, it continues until one or more players forget the sequence or the word and is eliminated. Last person to remember all the words in the correct sequence wins!
  63. The Color Game – all you need is to pick a color and have your players find anything of that color. One who finds the item first, wins the game! No prep/supplies needed.
  64. Scavenger Hunt – make a list of items at home or outdoor and let your little ones go for quest
  65. Water Ball Sensory Play – Great for color sorting activity, science experiment to see the water balls grow,  put them in your plant and watch how they keep the play moisturized for days, scoop those balls into baskets
  66. Pretend Play – Be a Chef, Food Truck Owner, Policeman or Doctor
  67. Host a Karaoke Night – Let your inner voice heard
  68. Write letters to your friends & family – relive the old days without Social Media 
  69. Talk to friends and family via phone/video
  70. Do Nothing! This is also sometimes a life saver. When everyone is too tired and wants to just do nothing, it is ok to leave things aside and lie down/rest and relax!!

I cannot deny the fact that the pandemic has changed our lives in ways we could have only dreamt of. But it has given us all the opportunity to bond with family in very different ways. I hope these activities can help you get through the tough days and bring some smiles on the faces of your little ones!


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