DIY Fairy Jar Night Light

When I made the Fairy Jar Night Light and shared the pictures with friends and family, everyone loved it and asked me to share the instructions on how I made it. I was amazed to see how incredibly magical this Fairy jar is and how everyone loved it! Here is how you can make your own.

Things you need:

  1. Clear mason jar/glass bottle
  2. Gift Tissue paper (white color preferred); if you do not have tissue paper, you can use parchment paper
  3. Mod Podge/heavy duty glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Thick paint / sponge brush to apply glue
  6. Fairy silhouette or any other designs you like in silhouette (I used this silhouette design)
  7. Battery-operated tea light candle or light series
  8. Glitter/sparkles for decorations (optional)ezy watermark_10-07-2020_11-06-19am-1

DIY Instructions:

  1. Print the silhouette design you want to use and cut through the edgesezy watermark_10-07-2020_11-07-30am
  2. Lightly Apply the glue on the cut out (you should apply the glue at the front of the silhouette)
  3. Now apply glue on the inside of the mason jar/bottle where you’d like to paste the silhouette; make sure to apply glue evenly
  4. Carefully paste the silhouette inside the mason jar/bottleezy watermark_10-07-2020_11-09-42am
  5. Now apply the glue on the outside of the mason jar/bottleezy watermark_10-07-2020_11-05-20am
  6. As you apply the glue, start wrapping the tissue paper on the mason jar/bottle
  7. Once full jar/bottle is covered in tissue paper, let it dry
  8. Apply a thin layer of glue on the tissue paper (you may make designs with the glue as it will be decorated in the next step)ezy watermark_10-07-2020_11-11-39am
  9. Sprinkle glitter/sparkles on the glue and let it set
  10. Pat the mason jar/bottle lightly to remove extra glitter or sparkle
  11. Slowly place the battery-operated tea light or light series to enjoy your Fairy Jar Night Lightezy watermark_10-07-2020_11-12-23am

I hope you enjoy making your own night light and be sure to share your creations on Babiesnmii Facebook page! 

For a video tutorial on Fairy Jar Night Light, check out this video and don’t forget to subscribe Babiesnmii on Youtube for more videos

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