The Mask Wash – Product Review

The global pandemic brought along new terms to the dictionary of our daily lives. This includes pandemic, COVID-19, Coronavirus, social distancing, physical distancing, mandatory masks, face coverings, etc. Even before the COVID times, I used sanitizer at all times, carried a pack of disinfecting wipes in my purse, and even did not hesitate to wear a mask when needed. Like everyone else, since the onset of the pandemic, my family and I have used medical and cloth masks anytime we step out for a visit to the doctor, a trip to the grocery store, or an evening walk. If you need help picking the mask for your little ones, check out my blog Reusable Face Masks for Kids for the same.

I make sure all of our masks are washed after each wear to ensure all the germs and dirt washes off immediately so we can use a clean mask the next time. I usually hand-washed our masks after each use and machine wash once a week. Recently, I came across this interesting product called “The MaskWash”. As the name suggests, it is a new portable mask washing system developed by two sisters from British Columbia. It is an eco-friendly solution that gives consumers a hygienic and time-efficient way to single-wash cloth face masks at home or while travelling. The best thing about this product is – it does not require any electric charging or batteries. theMaskWashKit small

“You wouldn’t want to wear dirty underwear every day and masks are essentially the same.”

Tammy Sablic, Co-founder, theMaskWash

“We saw a gap in the market and that’s why we developed theMaskWash” 

Rosana Sablic, Co-founder, theMaskWash

I used The MaskWash System myself and was happy that it solved my mask washing problem. It is easy to use and store. The Mask Wash System comes in two sizes S ($28) and L ($32) and includes the following:

  • theMaskWash silicone bag (food-grade silicone, BPA free, phthalate-free, sealable, dishwasher safe, temperature safe from -70 to 220 C)

  • theMaskWash waffle weave microfibre drying towel (made from 80% polyester/20% polyamide for ultra absorbency)

  • theMaskWash 100% cotton drawstring carrying bag (for easy storage and travel)

The kit also comes with very clear and easy to follow instructions. Along with The MaskWash System,  you need water and detergent. It is recommended that you wash the silicone wash bag, microfibre towel and cotton travel pouch before the first use. All of them can be washed by hand; however, the silicone bag can safely go in the dishwasher (top rack), and the towel and cotton pouch in the washing machine in the cold wash cycle.  Dry on low in your machine or hang to dry. Just a couple of tips when washing from The MaskWash System:

  • Fill the bag with water approximately 2/3 full using a bit of your favourite detergent.  You can get your hands in there and give your mask a little swish or rub if heavily stained and seal the top using the zip lock seal and give it a little shake.  

  • Rinse your mask thoroughly, wring it out, and either hang to dry or lay flat on your ultra-absorbent microfibre towel.  

I think this is an amazing product and you can use it at home or work or anywhere while on the go. As the world battles through the pandemic, we can each do our part by wearing a clean mask! I highly recommend this product. Follow this link to order your MaskWash System today!