Must-Have Art & Craft Supplies for Kids

A lot of my readers have asked me time and again about my favourite art & craft supplies for kids. It is no top secret and so here I share the must-have supplies for young children (best recommended for preschoolers & kindergarteners). Scroll down to check out my Fun Rules to enjoy are & craft projects even more!!

Construction PaperPipe Cleaners
Sketch BookBeads
Canvas (different sizes)Pompoms
Coloring supplies: crayons, pencil colors, markers, poster colors, acrylic paint, water colors, puff paint, etc.Goggle Eyes
Paint brushes (different sized)Cloth Pins
Kid-friendly scissors – plain and designsPlastic Buttons
Glue/Glue Stick/Glitter GlueGems
Cello-tapePopsicle Sticks
Book RingsGlitter
Cardboard box/paperRecycle Containers (plastic bottles/pop cans)

My “Fun Rules” to enjoy your art & craft projects even more!

  1. Keep the supplies accessible and within your child’s reach. However, always watch your child to avoid accidents.
  2. Let your child lead you! Sometimes they have better ideas than us.
  3. Set up a dedicated space where he can sit and make his art & craft projects! Not sure how to set up your child’s play/art area? Check out my blog Organizing Your Toddler’s Play Area to know more.
  4. Do not panic about the mess he makes. It is okay. Art is messy and it is a sign of creativity too!!
  5. Teach them to clean up after they are done, it induces discipline & respect for the things they have!
  6. Let them be creative. 

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