Reusable Face Masks for Kids

So the past week has been full of celebrations on our end. I am very happy to share with you that Babies n Mii has made to Top 50 Canada Parenting Blogs published by Feedspot. Thank you for all your love and support!

With COVID-19 becoming part of our day to day life, social distancing, sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and face masks are more of essential product used for everyday use. Most shops, grocery stores, etc. I visit mention that face masks are recommended for guests above the age of two (2). Which means our kids need to wear a mask if they are visiting any of these places. My son loves trying on accessories and he was keen on the masks too! I did not know if anyone ever made masks for a three-year-old size. Also, I was looking for reusable masks so it is long term and thus, was looking for good quality masks too.

So I started looking around and was able to find some local vendors in Canada who are manufacturing the reusable non-medical masks. If you are in Canada/the United States of America and looking to buy non-medical reusable masks, check out these companies that manufacture masks for your little ones.

While choosing your mask, be sure to check for the fitting to the nose and ensure that it doesn’t leave any gap between the cheeks and masks. The best-fitting mask should comfortable sit of the nose and cheeks and not drop off. 

  1. Our family is a brand ambassador for these masks (kidding)! We all wear masks from here. The best part, you can select from their wide range of designs or customize your own design! Check out these masks we bought from here. Price starting at CAD $18.95. img_0337
  2. Mable’s Labels: If you have day-care or school attending kids, you might have certainly heard of Mable Labels. They are leading in the labels for almost all of your kid’s personal stuff from lunch supplies to clothing. They are in the race with masks too. Price CAD $18.50.img_0342
  3. Vista Print: If you are into a small business or have visited any trade shows, a lot of the print material is printed by Vista Print. I call them printing giants. Great quality and best price always. When I ordered my masks, Vista Print wasn’t in the game, but they are now. Check out their kid’s mask collection. Price CAD $18.
  4. Gap Kids: I love these masks. Heard from a few friends who have tried it. Great price too. For a 3 mask pack, you pay $20. If you tried it, do share your feedback! Price CAD$20.
  5. Old Navy: The sister brand is offering an even better price. 5-pack reusable cloth masks for $15. These are three-layered masks too!
  6. Disney: How is it that we talk about kid’s products and our beloved Disney is not an option! The Disney Store online is showing masks with our favorite Disney characters which are available for pre-order. Don’t forget to get yours! The Price for a 4-pack is USD $19.99. img_0355
  7. Moji Masks: Another local vendor from Canada making cotton masks. The masks are 2-layered and have an elastic band to hold the masks. Price CAD $19.99.
  8. Etsy Canada: It offers you a range of different vendors and a lot of options to pick from. Price range is CAD $9.99 onwards depending on the masks you choose.
  9. Amazon: Well, if you can’t find anything anywhere, you know where to look for it! Amazon has a wide range of masks available for kids from multiple sellers. Price starting CAD $8.99 and up.

Keep your kids safe and cover them up. All these above-listed manufacturers also have a wide range of reusable masks for adults too. Just while you are shopping for your little ones, don’t forget to get yours too! Stay safe and healthy. 

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