DIY Holiday Activity: Sweater Design

Holiday season has its own vibes and positivity. I love the lights and the spirit around this time of the year. As 2020 has been very different year, staying home and keeping our little ones busy has been one of the most interesting yet challenging task on hand. 

There are so many activities to do during this time such as setting up the Christmas tree (if you celebrate Christmas), put up the lights, bake some cookies, etc. One of my personal favourites is to dress up in the holiday attire. Inspired from the idea, here is a simple and quick holiday activity you can do it with your little ones, older kids, and as a family too! It is designing your own holiday sweater or as it is called “Ugly Sweaters”. See below for things you need and instructions.

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Things You Need:

  1. Holiday Sweater Template (click on the image below to download the template or draw your own)ezy watermark_06-12-2020_06-11-31pm
  2. Craft/Construction Paper different colors
  3. Glue
  4. Decorations (some ideas you can use your own):
    1. Pom-Pom
    2. Buttons
    3. Sparkles/Glitters
    4. Pipe cleaners 
    5. Bells
  5. Crayons, pencil colors, markers

DIY Instructions:

  1. Print the Holiday Sweater Template or draw your own sweater on the construction paper.
  2. If you print the sweater template, you can stick it on the construction paper to give it a thick base so that the paper doesn’t tear away when you decorate it.
  3. Now draw your design or dive into coloring.
  4. Using glue stick your favourite decorations and design your own sweater design.


  • While designing your sweaters be sure to keep up with the holiday theme. Some items you can draw on your sweaters can be a snow man, festive lights, candies/sweets, candles, etc. 

I hope you and your family will enjoy this simple yet amazing family activity as you all get to become “Designers” of your own sweaters!! Be sure to share your designs on our social media. 

If you want to know how make a beautiful Snowflake, check out my blog DIY Holiday Craft – Snowflake.

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