Unique Gift – Name Frames

Gifts are the most loved and personal possessions for each and every one of us. Be it any occasion – birthdays, anniversaries, a celebration of birth, baby shower, Valentines’ Day, or the Holiday presents, we strive to pick the best gift for our beloved. 

This year being very different due to the pandemic, the cheer should continue with specialized gifts. As most of us are moving to online shopping, here is one unique gift idea for your loved ones. This will surely fill their homes with some personal touch and also be treasured forever. I personally love it and had one made for my son!

Name Frames: Name Frames is a fun online service offering memorable custom prints laying out all of the details surrounding a name. In a way that’s interesting and looks amazing. It is sure to be a surprise for even the person “who has everything”.

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  • About Name Frames: As the name suggests, these are a special custom-designed print that uses a person’s name’s meaning as an intriguing background. It is a new Canada-based online store “Name Frames” which delivers a fun and memorable gift choice. The custom print, along with incorporating a photo, includes a name’s origins, personality traits, and a great deal of other information that inspires
    smiles and conversations.  
  • Why Name Frames? Any first name at all can be ordered, with the same brilliant results. Each Name Frame design is created to be stylish and, as unique as the person it is being created for, it is delivered in an elegant frame ready to be displayed at home or in the office.
  • Bonus: A number of different options are available on its official online shop. Popular choices include minimal, single, and dual names frame designs. Frames are also available in a variety of sizes ranging from 8×10 to 24×35 sizes. You can also order a digital Name Frame which can be easily downloaded. 
  • Price: CAD $21 to $99 
  • Website: https://nameframes.ca/

Comments and Customer Reviews 

“Each Name Frame design is as unique as the person it is made for. Name Frames is more than just a name! We look forward to exceeding even the highest expectations. You can count on us to always put the customer experience first.”

– Lesley, Founder, Nameframes

“A great gift idea! I got one for my grandmother and she loved it. It
is very descriptive and detailed with a simple and elegant design as well as being super personalized, a perfect
gift idea for your loved ones!”

– Yvonne P., Client

“It was a gift for my 8yr old granddaughter she thought it was amazing I give your business 10 stars it is amazing I am so glad I found you!”

– Tammy T., Client


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