Candyless Advent Calendars For Kids

With the holiday season around the corner, candies, cookies, cakes, and all sugary delicacies fill our homes in no time. It is hard to manage ourselves as adults and I find it even harder for our young ones to keep away from all those yummy sweets! I have consolidated below a list of some amazing “Candyless Advent Calendars” you can try for this holiday season! The list includes Storybooks, Activities (coloring), Toys, Lego, and DIY advent calendar ideas.  

Storybook Advent Calendar: I am a big fan of books. I have tried to keep my son away from screens to-date and we are very much into story books. Read my blog How to Keep Your Child Away From Screens for more tips. This unique advent calendar is an amazing way to get together every evening, pick a story book, and read it with your little one (s). Here are some amazing story book advent calendars for you. 

Activity Advent Calendar (Coloring): Another nice and fun advent calendar for the little ones is the coloring or crafts activity. Here are some for you to try:

Toys Advent Calendar: If you are looking for an advent calendar with toys for your little one, below are some that I personally liked. The list is not exhaustive, but can certainly help you get started. 

Lego Advent Calendar: Be it for a boy or girl, Lego has great themes for both genders. My personal favourite is Lego City Advent Calendar. It comes with 24 mini build your own gifts with Christmas themed gifts including a Christmas tree and Santa! Lego City has multiple sets where you can get different items. Some other advent calendars offered by Lego include:

DIY Advent Calendar: If you are one of those DIY moms, it is best to make your own advent calendar. I love this personally as I can get things I know my son would like. Some items you can put in your DIY advent calendar includes crayons, erasers, mini cards, bracelet, ball, Lego mini set, play dough, mini puzzle, small story book, diary, pair of socks, etc. Some Advent Calendars to put your gifts.

Good luck with your advent calendar. Be sure to share your favourite calendar with us. Check out my blog DIY Holiday Craft – Snowflake! for holiday craft ideas. To book your virtual video call with Santa, read my blog Santa Goes Virtual for COVID Safe Christmas

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