Keepsake Breastmilk & DNA Jewelry

As exciting as it is to capture our little one’s best moments on camera creating and saving keepsakes like their footprints, handprints, and saving their first birthday outfit to the first painting are the best memories for me.

Recently, I came across keepsake jewelry made from breastmilk or DNA. I was blown away and extremely excited to know more about this. I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Victoria from Tors Jewelry and Keepsakes about the beautiful work she does in creating these keepsakes and how she makes them.

Creating Keepsake Breastmilk Jewelry

Materials needed:

  • 3 milliliter (ml) of breastmilk
  • Preservation powder
  • Parchment paper


  • Breastmilk is mixed with the preservation powder until fully mixed
  • Next, the mix is spread onto a parchment paper to dry
  • The preserved breastmilk is left to dry for about five days to fully dry
  • Then the dried mix is then crushed with a mortar and pestle into a fine powder
  • Once the fine powder is ready, it is mixed with art resin & poured into molds
  • The powdered mix takes about 24 hours to soft set, at which time it is removed from the mold to finish the remaining setting time of 48 hours- about 72 hours to fully set once poured
  • Once the mix had fully set and taken a stone form it is pulled out of the mold
  • Finally, the stones are trimmed, sanded, and polished to prepare the required jewelry (e.g. earrings, rings, pendants, etc.)

Word of caution:

  • Be sure to label the inclusions you send to make your keepsakes. While creating keepsakes, everything is labeled clearly. Only one item is dealt with at a time to avoid a mix-up of precious memories for someone else’s.

Other Keepsakes

Outside of breastmilk jewelry and keepsakes Tors Jewelry and Keepsakes also create other meaningful items and DNA creations. The creations can be created with ashes: human or pet remains, hair, fur, encapsulated placenta, umbilical stump, glitter, pigment, dried flowers, fabric, sand/ soil, and more!

Capturing Moments in Time

In my conversation with Tor, she said “Creating these special keepsakes is very rewarding work for me, as a Mother, Bereaved Mother, and Breastfeeding Advocate. I love to create space for people to celebrate milestones as well as feel the waves of grief. Creating a tangible gift from people’s moments feels like freezing a memory in time and holding onto it forever.” 

Personally, I love to capture moments in time, and having it captured in a piece of beautiful keepsake jewelry or memento is the best way to do so.

Another unique keepsake idea is a ‘Name Frame‘ be sure to check out this blog as well. 


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