7 Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

When I was pregnant with my son, it was my first pregnancy. Hubby and I were new to this exciting phase and did not give much thought to whether we could do a special announcement. We went about personally sharing the news either over the phone or in person. But when I got pregnant with my second one, I was overboard. I wanted to do a special announcement as no one was expecting this! It was almost five and a half years after my son. Hubby and I announced it to families in seven different fun ways! 

  1. Pregnancy Scratch Lottery – my parents love playing scratch lotto. So to keep up with the theme and enthusiasm, I got them this Gold Luck Lottery. They matched three images and were excited to scratch the prize box thinking they won the jackpot. When they read “Guess We are Having a Baby!” they thought it was a prank. My dad was in shock until I told him it was true. 

2. TV Show or Movie Poster Announcement – this was a fascinating idea for me. Coming from my theatre and television roots, I thought this was a cute idea to share our pregnancy with friends and family. Hubby, my son, and I posed for this lovely picture with some baby items and me holding an ice cream tub (preggo craving – lol). I had picked up a cute custom onesie reading “Proof my Parents didn’t Social Distance”! Made my son hold this to share the message. The announcement began as a “Season 2” given this is our second baby!


3. Ultrasound Picture Announcement – this is the simple and most quick way to announce. I shared the ultrasound picture of the baby with very close friends without captioning. They called back in 30 seconds to check if it was true!! 


4. Pregnancy Test Announcement – Simply share your pregnancy test picture! I used this to share with hubby that the little beenie was in my belly! I took this ClearBlue home pregnancy test. 


5. Child’s Art Work Pregnancy Announcement – schools are great places where kids do all these fun activities. I became pregnant in November and announced it to my son just before Christmas. He drew a family portrait at school as a Christmas gift for the family and had the “baby” in the picture too! We used his drawing to share with close relatives. 


6. Big Sister or Brother T-Shirt/Dress Announcement – I love this idea especially to announce to friends with kids. I got this big brother and big sister t-shirt and dress for my son and niece! My brother couldn’t believe it was true! 

7. Solve the Riddle – hubby was visiting his sister and did not have anything exciting to share about the pregnancy. So he ran a quick Google search and came up with these fun riddles to announce to his sister. 

Riddle 1Riddle 2
“Can bring a smile to your face, 
A tear to your eyes,
Or even a thought to your mind.
But, I can’t be seen just yet.”
“What has two feet
And a belly to tickle
And can cause a craving
For ice cream and pickles?”

Good luck with your pregnancy announcement and be sure to share how you announced it in the comments below.

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