White Noise Machine by Dreamegg – Product Review

It is very important for your little ones to get a good night’s sleep. This is true since the day they are born and as they grow their sleep contributes to their growth and development. I did not co-sleep my son, instead, he was cradled in his crib from the first night at home. I had set a musical night mobile on his crib which played soothing music with decent color light. He would stare at the light while dozing off to sleep listening to the music. However, he also loved listening to music, and sometimes all I could do was play some songs or white noise on my iPod and place it beside his crib. Now, my four-year-old sleeps with a night light projector watching the beautiful stars in his room and listening to his favorite music.

While searching through ‘White Noise Machine‘, for my son who loves to listen to different sounds or music every night, I came across this amazingWhite Noise Machine by Dreameggand thought I would try this for him. And he is absolutely loving it! This product is so simple and easy to use that he handles it all by himself. He uses the amazing sound options to pick the sound he want to listen to and set the night light all by himself! My son is using it better than me, I feel. 

Here are some cool features of this White Noise Machine:

  • Appearance: It has a modern, simple design; smooth texture; soothing appearance with decent white color
  • There are three types of Sound Options with over 20 sounds to choose from:
    • Nature Sound (bird, sea wave, lullaby, cricket, campfire, heartbeat, moving train) 
    • Fan Sounds (slow, fast, oscillation)
    • White Noise Sounds (waterfall)
  • Night Light: I love this! The soothing yellow night light (don’t need a night lamp anymore!). For my son, this is comforting him as he has enough light in his room. 
  • Timer Setting: Looking to conserver energy/power, the product comes with a 30, 60, or 90 minutes timer setting (if the timer is not set, it runs continuously unless powered off)
  • Volume Adjustment: The crib mobile I used in the past, did not give me volume options either it was too high or too low, this product allows the volume to be adjusted per need with increase and decrease volume buttons
  • Headphone Jack: Big fan of this! Great option (I have never seen this before) if using for meditation or relaxation (I plug it on if I want to cut off from the craziness around!)
  • Other: This is the best part! It is small and portable and uses USB wire, easy to use at home, in office, in the car, or outside using a power bank!! How cool is that?!
  • Warranty: There is a one (1) year warranty with the manufacturer in case issues arise after you start using the product.

In all, this is one product I would recommend this White Noise Machine (D1 Sound Machine with Night Light) for your little ones including infants, toddlers or young children to help them with better and peaceful sleep. To get 10% off on your Dreamegg White Noise Machine use the code “Babiesnmii“. 

Aarav sleeping with Dreamegg's White Noise Machine
White Noise Machine by Dreamegg 

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