Back to School Supplies for Kindergarten

As exciting it is for the little ones to start school for the first time or head back another year, anxiety remains high for parents to ensure they are well prepared for the new school year. To help other first time moms like myself, I put together this list to help you be ready for your little ones’ school.

Here is an ultimate list of supplies for Kindergarteners: 

  1. Full size kids Backpack   (check to see it can fit a library books)
  2. Pencil case/box (hard)
  3. 24 pack Washable Crayons 
  4. 24 pack Washable Crayon Pencils
  5. 16 pack Washable Markers
  6. Pencils
  7. Eraser
  8. Sharpener
  9. Construction Paper Pad
  10. Blunt Tip Beginner Scissor
  11. Disposable Face Masks
  12. Glue Stick
  13. Art Smock/Painting Apron
  14. Clothing/Supply Labels
  15. Insulated Lunch Bag
  16. Lunch Box
  17. Cutlery Set
  18. Indoor and Outdoor Shoes
  19. Pocket Sanitizer with holder
  20. Travel-size Tissues 

Additionally, pack an extra pair of clothes including pant, t-shirt, socks and underwear and put it in a Ziplock bag. It is a good idea to put a Wet Bag in the back pack, in case there is an accident at school, the dirty/soiled clothes can be put in the wet bag. 

Congratulations to you & your little ones on achieving this special milestone! Be sure to check out our Coupons & Discounts page for deals and promo codes. 


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