Buncha Farmers’ Amazing Natural Skin Care & Cleaning Products

All my life, I have been afraid to try new skincare products as I have absolutely sensitive skin. I cannot try a new product without having rashes, burning sensations or swelling on the face, etc. Recently, during my visit to a baby show in Toronto, I came across the Buncha Farmers booth. They had well-displayed skincare and laundry products. What drew my attention was the stain-removing bar demonstration Cory Besser was delivering at their booth. I later found out he was the Vice President of the company! I also met with Iggy Natoli, the President of Buncha Farmers. I stopped by to chat a little bit about the products and ended up getting their Manuka Honey-based soap bars, laundry detergent, and lip balms! 

About Buncha Farmers

Their team is made of passionate individuals who love to make 100% natural products with the highest standards of quality, satisfaction, and fair pricing! Products include:

  • Manuka Honey Bar Soaps
  • Manuka Honey Skin Cream
  • Honey Lip Balms
  • Natural Laundry Detergents
  • Stain Remover Bar

Why Bunch Farmers?

  • Products are natural ingredients such as Manuka Honey, Bee Venom, Oat Meal, Olive Oil, and Coconut oil which are 100% bio-degradable (environment friendly!)
  • The natural ingredients have natural healing properties that help soothe sensitive skin
  • All products are manufactured in Ontario (Greater Toronto Area)
  • Products are made by stay-at-home moms
  • Detergents are tried, tested, and cloth diaper safe (great for moms opting to use cloth diapers)

My Experience with the Products

Manuka Honey Soap Bar – I dared to try their Manuka Honey Soap Bar and cannot tell how much I have loved this. As mentioned, I do not try new skincare products as I am too afraid to deal with the rashes and other issues. But I loved the soap bar so much. My skin has never felt better. The bars are so soft and soothing on the skin. It reminded me of my grandmother who used to make her own soaps at home! Another thing I loved about the bars are the fragrances. Even though they are scented, the scents are very light and calming. I am sensitive to smells but love the light smell of the bar.

Stain Remover Bar – The stain remover bar is an absolute miracle! As a mother of a young child, it is a handy product! All I do is soak the stain, take the bar, rub it on the stain, give the cloth a bit of scrub it by hand, and there – it disappears! It is so easy to use and gives a great result.

Lip Balm – I must say, my son loves this more than any other balm. It is non-sticky and smooth to apply with natural flavors! I am never buying other lip balms!

Laundry Detergent – A small scoop full of a spoon and there goes the load of my laundry! Laundry is clean and gives great results (best thing, natural ingredients!)

Where to Buy?

The products are available for purchase through their website. You can buy these at known retail stores including Home Hardware stores, Rexall Pharmacy, Walmart, Once Upon a Child, and Babies r Us. Check out their retail distributors for new retail stores. If you are attending trade shows in or around GTA, you might be lucky to catch them there as well!

I am so happy to have found Buncha Farmers and tried their products. They are life-changers for me!! Be sure to follow them on Instagram and to know more about their latest products.