10 Newborn Must-Haves

With the newborn to care for and you as a mother healing from your labor and delivery journey, here is a list of must-haves to help you recover soon and adjust to the newborn.

1. Diapers6. Crib or Bassinet
2. Wipes7. Changing Table
3. Rash Cream8. Baby Clothes
4. Skincare Essentials9. Swaddling Blanket
5. Stroller and Car Seat10. Diaper Bag

1. Diapers – first and foremost – you need diapers. Newborns will use anywhere between 8-10 diapers a day. So stock up your diaper supply. Good idea to have a box of newborns and size 1 diapers. It is hard to know what size your baby will wear, but these sizes will be outgrown quickly too. I subscribe to these on Amazon so don’t have to worry about running to the store in the middle of the night to grab a box!

2. Baby Wipes – this goes with the diapers too! You need a good supply of wipes as you will be wiping your baby’s nether area during every change! Buying these in bulk is usually cheap and they don’t dry out so quickly. I buy boxes with individually packed wipes, these are easy to carry and save the drying problem. 

3. Diaper Rash Cream – I was suggested by my maternity nurse to use the rash cream after every diaper change. It helps keep the baby’s skin rash-free and helps them soothe. After trying a few rash creams, I ended up using Sudocrem. 

4. Skincare essentials – new skin is very soft and sensitive. It is a good idea to try different skincare products such as baby body wash, hair oil, body lotion, etc. I tried at least four brands before I settled with Honest Baby products. This is the only product that suits my son’s skin. 

5. Stroller and Car Seat – car seat is a must-have if you are in Canada. Your baby will not be discharged from the hospital if you do not have a proper car seat. It is best to invest in a travel system so you get both the stroller and car seat that is compatible. 

6. Crib or bassinet – this is a must to allow both you and the baby to sleep peacefully. I sleep my baby in the crib since the day we get home from the hospital. Crib accessories go without saying. You will need a crib mattress, crib mattress protector & crib sheets

7. Changing Table – it is a good idea to set up a proper changing station. Your baby will be in diapers at least for two or more years, so having a sturdy and safe changing table is a must. Other supplies you should get are the changing pad, changing pad cover, wipe warmer (it keeps the diaper wipes warm)

8. Baby Clothes – this is never enough no matter how many you buy! It is a good idea to buy about 4-5 pairs in premie size, 10-15 pairs in newborn or 0-3 months, and 10-15 pairs in 3 months size. It is hard to predict your baby’s size until he/she arrives. So be prepared with different options. Onesies are best as they are easy to put on and help with quick diaper changes. Be sure to also get some leggings or pants, socks, mittens, sleeper sets (I prefer zippers)

9. Swaddling Blankets – you will thank me for this! Newborns love to be swaddled and tucked in. It gives them the feeling of being inside their mother’s womb. Check with your care, provider, before swaddling if you are unsure. I use these ready to wear swaddles: 

10. Diaper Bag – this is a must-have as you will be making doctor visits and other trips with the baby. A diaper bag holds all your baby’s required supplies such as diapers, wipes, extra pair of clothing, and small rattle toys

Not sure what to pack in your hospital bag, read this blog on ‘What to Pack in Hospital Bag?’. Be sure to download this Hospital Bag Checklist!


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