First Ultrasound & First Trimester Diet

My First UltraSound

Testing positive on the pregnancy test at home and in your doctor’s office is not enough to confirm. There is blood work followed by an ultrasound. I have had ultrasounds in the past, but this one was special. Both my husband and I were excited. He picked me up from work and we reached the clinic. The Radiologist there knew me well and already made me feel special. His first words, “carefully climb and lie down on the table”. I felt different. I cannot explain those feelings.

He then applied the gel and started rolling it with the handheld machine. He had a big TV screen set up right across the table where I was lying. And in a few minutes he drew our attention to a tiny white spot. It was my little munchkin! The spot was moving constantly in a regular fashion – I would say just like our heart beat. I was awe-struck. A tear silently rolled from the corner of my eye. My husband and I had a quick eye contact in the dark testing room and we were amazed at this beauty of nature that I was carrying a life.

The doctor finished his check-up made his notes and asked me to clean up. Just when we were ready to leave, he handed us a picture of the ultrasound. It was the best picture of my life – my first ultrasound showing our little munchkin!

My physician called me in for a follow up appointment with all the test reports and confirmed my pregnancy once again. She also told me I was 6 weeks pregnant. Based on my LMC (Last Monthly Cycle) date, she gave me my expected due date – October 16, 2016. She then prescribed me Prenatal Vitamin tablets which I was to take all through my pregnancy. I wasn’t sure why? I told her that my blood work came back normal, and that’s when she told me that the baby needs nutrients for a healthy development and it gets those from mother.  So the mother needs an additional source of vitamins for herself and provides the required nourishment to the baby as well.
Along with the Prenatal Vitamins, I also worked on my own diet plan.

Early morning:

  1. Drink a glass full of milk which gives calcium to our body and baby requires it for building bones & teeth
  2. Eat soaked almonds. Almonds are a great source of nutrients like Iron, Calcium and Folic Acid. They also help improve in digestion. I had also read, that eating nuts during pregnancy can reduce nut allergies in babies. But, if you are allergic to nuts, please avoid them.


  1. Consume 2 boiled eggs everyday. Eggs provide Proteins, Omega – 3 Fatty Acids to the baby, which contributes to the brain development.
  2. Bread slice with butter or jam if you like that.

  1. Variety paratha like plain paratha, potato paratha, cabbage paratha, Fresh Vegetable Sandwich Indian food items like Upma or Pooha. You can also try tortilla’s with fresh vegetables, beans and cheese.

  1. Fruits like oranges, kiwi, pineapple, pear, watermelon, strawberries, grapes, banana and apple for snacks. All these fruits are a great source of Vitamin C and other nutrients.
  2. Boiled corn or sliced cucumber with fresh lemon juice.

  1. Rice and pulses including beans and grams, served with chapati (Indian Tortilla).
  2. Pasta, spaghetti and noodles with tomato sauce or spinach gravy.
  3. Rice cakes, other Indian delicacies like Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri, Potato Burger, etc.
Additional Tips:

  1. If you consume vegetables or beans, ensure that they are fully cooked. 
  2. You may include meat in your food, since I do not eat any meat, chicken or fish, it is not mentioned here.
  3. Drink lots of fluids through the day – water, clear fluids, juice and milk. Stay hydrated to store energy, as you will feel tired very quickly.

I am not a science expert and so I cannot say more about all the nutritional value of these foods. But I followed my doctor’s advice and always consulted her. I checked with her if I was eating well or if there were other foods I could eat or should stop. I am a sugary person, but I gave up sweets through my pregnancy and only craved on certain chocolates. I can’t stand spicy food, but all I wanted to eat was potato with hot and salty sauces. 

 Honestly, pregnancy takes you on a funny roller coaster where your body demands food you never ate or boycotts your favourite! Listen to your body and enjoy these wonderful changes. 



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