First Trimester Checklist

The news of pregnancy is often overwhelming for new parents-to-be, especially if it’s your first one. My husband and I felt amused at this beautiful journey we were going to begin as parents-to-be. Because it was our first baby, we were no experts on pregnancy or parenting. But as the days passed by, we started learning and enjoying the new adventure. From both of our experience, here is the checklist you can follow during the first trimester.

  1. Doctor Appointment – Most important thing for you all through your pregnancy are your doctor appointments. Check with your physician who your possible OB/Gynec you would be. Proactively, you can also do your own research and if you have a preference on choosing your OB/Gynec, you can discuss with your family doctor.
  2. Bump Picture – I bet, you will look at these while you are awaiting the arrival of your munchkin and want to hold him in your arms right away. This is the best way to capture your 9-month journey. You can take either weekly or monthly pictures of your belly bump.
  3. Plan Your Leave – In Canada, we are privileged to have the benefit of maternity and parental leave. Plan with your husband when would you like to take the leave. Your doctor might also play some role in this decision if your health is at risk. I had severe morning sickness which made things difficult for me. I had to take a sickness leave before my maternity leave started (when I delivered).
  4. Babymoon Trips – This is the only time in your life which you will have for just two of you. Plan short or long trips to spend this wonderful time with each other to cherish your love and build lifelong memories. Take these trips early on as months go by, you will feel uncomfortable traveling and sitting down for longer hours at a stretch, making it difficult to continue with your plans. Niagara Falls Canada has always been our favourite getaway. However, I could only visit it once through my pregnancy even though it was just an hour-and-half drive from Toronto.
  5. First Ultrasound & Baby Picture – To confirm your pregnancy and test your gestation period, your doctor might recommend an ultrasound. Enjoy this wonderful experience. The radiologist will hand you the ultrasound picture of your baby. Most beautiful picture of your life. Frame it or keep it in your journal. To read more about your first ultrasound check my blog on First Ultrasound & First Trimester Diet. 
  6. Pregnancy Journal – For me this experience was beyond words. I wanted to capture all the feelings, experiences and moments that I could and be able to re-live through them throughout my life; may be share it with my baby once she is born. So, I started writing the journal, added pictures and memories (first doctor appointment card, hospital visit bracelets, etc.). I filled in The Ultimate Pregnancy Journal for my memories. . Now there are some cell phone apps where you can track your pregnancy, input the pictures and even share it with friends and family. It is like a digital journal.
  7. Follow the App – There are wonderful apps that you can download on your phone to track your pregnancy. You just input your information like LMC date (Last Monthly Cycle date) and expected due date and the app will automatically show your weekly progress. I personally used BabyCenter App.
  8. Plan your Baby Shower – I know this sounds really early, but this is the only time you have. Plan when, where and how you want to have your baby shower. Some cultures have traditional shower ceremonies. I had a traditional ceremony followed by a baby shower party. So, take this quiet time to start planning the event.
  9. Pamper Yourself– This is a must for both to-be mom and dad. The coming months are going to make you busy and tired. So, give yourself lots of pampering. For mom’s if you are planning on going for a spa session, please check if they offer pregnancy spas. You can also get nail spa with a manicure and pedicure. Some nail salons offer services for males and females, so look for unisex salons if you both want to go together and getting pampered.

When you baby is born, your world will be very different. It is a new responsibility and your transition from a couple to parents. So, spend this time preparing yourself for the new arrival. Always remember, these days will never come back. Have a wonderful first trimester.   


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