Imagining Motherhood

Motherhood is a memorable journey of a woman’s transformation into a mother. Just when you first come to know about your pregnancy it is an overwhelming feeling. It is a mix of joy and panic. You can’t believe that you are carrying a baby in your belly, and at the same time thinking, this baby will be in your arms in 9 months. You might also see the flashback of your own childhood memories. 

When my pregnancy was confirmed, my first fear and dilemma was how will I survive through the 9 months? Morning sickness had stepped in as the earliest pregnancy symptom for me and so the pain of overcoming this feeling of nausea and vomiting was unthinkable. I was also afraid of physical changes my body was going to go through the coming months. But with my husband’s constant emotional support, I was confident to overcome the fear and look forward to the next 9 months of my life. 

My motherhood thoughts were ranging from my pregnancy, delivery, breast-feeding, postpartum recovery and everything else that you can think of. I was already dreaming of my baby’s gender. My husband and I always wanted a baby girl, but we have welcomed our boy with as much love. I started thinking of baby names, planning on the nursery, my delivery options – normal (Vaginal Birth) or C-Section, how much weight I will put on and every other silly thing you could think of. I had another weird feeling of “nesting”. They say it is a feeling where the new mommy-to-be feels the urge to start planning and preparing for the arrival of the little one. It usually starts in the last trimester of the pregnancy, but you may feel it at any time during your pregnancy. I was nesting as easy as the beginning of my second trimester. 

I started drawing a picture of my baby in my mind. I thought of his hair colour, wanted him to have green eyes like me, be strong as his dad and extrovert as me. I wanted him to possess personality traits of both his dad and me. Even a myriad of my childhood reflections came through every passing. I spoke with my mother to know more about my early days. How I was as a child? What were my likes and dislikes? So on and so forth. 

To all the mommies-to-be, let me tell you one very important thing, this is an exciting phase for dads-to-be as well. As much as we as moms imagine this beautiful journey of pregnancy, dad’s have their own world of thoughts and understanding of it. You both can share your feelings and expectations and enjoy the coming months together. 

It is never too late to start bonding with your little one. Here are a few tips for you to start connecting with your baby in the belly: 

  1. Start talking to your baby every day. You can wish her good morning, good night, ask how is she doing, ask if she is hungry, tell her what you are cooking or eating, etc. This helps your baby to start recognizing your voice and build a connection with you.  
  2. Read inspirational books. It is traditionally said in my Indian culture, that whatever the baby hears and absorbs while in the womb, lives and grows with her after birth and throughout her life. For the reason, it is nice to read all sorts of books to give her a taste of everything. 
  3. Listen to music. This helps the baby soothe in the womb and you can use the same music after birth as well. Even the voice of vacuum cleaner is calming to your baby as it is the white noise very much similar to the noise of the gushing blood inside the belly. 
  4. Connect your spouse with the baby by asking him to talk to the baby, put his hand on your belly and feel the baby. Tell you baby its “daddy”, and introduce her to second most important person in her life. 

Your connection to the growing baby inside since the beginning of your pregnancy will turn into a pre-built relationship even before birth and your natural parenting instinct will make you feel better and relaxed from all the fears and stress of going through the pregnancy. The coming 9 months are going to be the best and most memorable months of your life, so enjoy it to the fullest and witness the most mesmerizing journey of motherhood much before actually becoming a mom. 


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