Tips To Deal With Morning Sickness

Not all women are lucky to get through pregnancy without experiencing morning sickness at some point through the nine months. Against the term “morning sickness”, this feeling of nausea with or without vomiting can affect any pregnant woman at any time of the day, that is morning, afternoon, evening or it can even happen at night. Your pregnancy hormones are to blame for this nasty feeling.

One of my earliest pregnancy symptom was the morning sickness. To describe it in one work, it was terrible. I threw up day and night. Not only food even plain water. My morning sickness was so much to the point that my doctor had prescribed me medicine to cope up with it. Other than the medicine, there were some home remedies I put into practice. These were either shared by friends, or researched on the internet or invented by me as it gave me relief. 

Here are my tips on dealing with morning sickness:

  1. Crackers: I took 2 crackers everyday at 6:00 am right in the bed before I was up. I ate them through the day when I felt nauseas. I took salty crackers as my doctor told me they would help. I always carried a pack in my purse and munched on whenever I felt sick or uneasy. 
  2. Suck on Ice Cubes or Popsicles: These were life savers. As I mentioned above, I even threw up plain water sometimes, sucking ice cubes made me feel better. I sucked on plain ice cubes as well as flavoured ice cubes. You can make them from fresh or preserved juice or Gatorade. If you like flavours, popsicles can also serve the purpose. As long as you can stand it, take it. 

  3. Eat Small Meals: Eating was a struggle with all the nausea and vomiting as I always ate with the fear of throwing up. But then a friend suggested me to take smaller meals as it would help me digest quickly and allow my body to absorb. I tried it and it worked! I ate smaller meals like sandwiches, pancakes, dry snacks, fruits, etc. every 2-3 hours. 

  4. Sliced Ginger: This sounds awful, but I am a ginger person. Even before I got pregnant, I ate raw ginger slices topped with some salt and lemon when I had cold. Ginger gives warmth to your body and helps fight sore throat. This is a traditional home remedy which my mom taught me. Whenever I felt nauseas I popped sliced ginger and sucked and chewed it. Be cautious if you are trying this, as ginger gives warmth to your body, so avoid excess use. Also, avoid this during summer months, as the temperature outside is already hot, eating too much ginger can generate added heat to your body which might not be good for your body or developing baby.

  5. Eat Before You Feel Hungry: The thumb rule is to keep your tummy full at all times. If you do not eat on time or wait till you are extremely hungry, it can cause gas or acidity. This worsens your morning sickness and might make you throw up. I always ate at the set time. And honestly, as your pregnancy progresses, your baby will tell you when its time to eat! So maintain a food routine and eat before your are hungry to keep the nausea away.

  6. Candies & Mints: Your other best friends could be sour candies like Skittles. I ate only one or two to help me get away with the weird taste in my mouth. I also liked sucking on mints – mostly Tic Tac regular flavor. You can use other flavours like fruit or so. These help you get a fresh taste in your month and relief from the metallic taste.  

All these tips can help you cope up with the unwanted feeling of morning sickness during your pregnancy. As I always say, these are home remedies which were effective and helpful for me. Every body is different and so what worked for me might not work for you. But its worth a try! Good luck with your pregnancy and I hope you get relief from your morning sickness soon.


2 thoughts on “Tips To Deal With Morning Sickness

  1. Hi Sonali,
    Thank you for the informative tips! I would love to share a few additional tips that helped me a lot:
    1. Eating frozen fruits. Yes, like that, from the pack, still frozen.
    2. Moving around. Even though I felt very sleepy and tired, as soon as I stood up and started moving, the symptoms were relieved.
    3. Oatmeal. For some reason this helped me too. I had it first thing in the morning with some fresh berries added.

    Hope those tips can help someone to feel better!

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