Sharing The News

After your engagement and wedding announcement, the most awaited news are about your pregnancy. When we found out I was pregnant, our conversation around sharing the news came up naturally. I had only returned back from my trip to India visiting family and friends. Just in a week my in-laws were flying in to stay with us for a few months. Everything happened at the right time. 

My parents were very much concerned about my health as I had fallen ill with an upset stomach all through my 3 week trip to India. My father teased me by asking, when was I sharing the news of “Mindadu”- meaning my kitten? I called him just after I had my ultrasound and started our routine conversation. Then I threw the news at him by saying, “I have no stomach flu, its the kitten”! I could hear his happiest voice in my entire life. There was happiness on both sides of the phone. He broke the news to my mom while I was still on the phone. I could hear mom cry in joy. It was all magical and beautiful. I wanted to capture these moments in the deepest corner of my heart. The feeling of becoming grand-parents was visible through that phone even though we were miles apart.

My husband shared the news with his parents. Overjoyed by the news their excitement doubled as they were visiting us in three days. They were looking forward to spending the coming months with us, sharing our journey of parents-to-be!

My sister and sister-in-law were also pleased to hear the news and complimented us. I just felt very special with all the love and blessings I was showered with. Our world had suddenly changed. I couldn’t see how incredible these expressions, feelings, compliments were. I started dreaming of the baby in my arms and in our lives.

In the midst of these mesmerizing moments, the question of sharing the news with friends and extended family still existed. When I got the news, I was 6 weeks pregnant. Customarily, our families advised us to keep the news unshared at least until the end of first trimester; in other words until my belly bump started to show. We agreed on this and started enjoying our little secret. 

It is important to discuss with your partner and family when and how you want to share these news. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey which comes with associated risks. It is a known fact that risk of miscarriage is usually high in the first trimester. It gradually reduces as the pregnancy progresses. Thus, sharing the news now or wait until you feel comfortable sharing is something you can decide with your partner.

Once the decision is made, how do you want to make the announcement is your next dilemma. Should it be at a family gathering? Or through text messages? Or announcing it on social media? Or leaving it on people to figure out on their own as the bump starts showing? All these are really valid and important questions. Again, it is your occasion, your own celebration and so the choice of telling the world about your pregnancy should be only yours.

We only informed a very few close friends over the phone. All other family members were informed by our parents as it was culturally correct.

As a new mommy-to-be, do not forget to treat yourself as a “QUEEN” readying yourself to bring a new life on earth and everyone around you knowing the news will treat you like one!

Be ready for the advices, ask many many many questions and adopt to the changes your baby is bringing to your body.

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