Babyshower Decorations

If you are reading this blog, I am sure you are planning your baby shower. Well, it is very much of a fun event where you can play around with your creativity in putting up the shower. This blog will talk about choosing your theme and decors to make your shower elegant and enjoyable.Your decors depend a lot on the venue you choose. If you are hosting your shower at home, you need to plan the seating arrangement and activities as well as decors that can be feasible in a home setting. If you are planning it in a public space like a restaurant, banquet or park you will have to prepare your activities accordingly. My shower was hosted at a banquet and so I had a lot of space to play with; for example, the stage decor, my chair, entrance decorations, photo booth and additional open space which I could use for activities. 

Another factor around which your decorations usually revolve are your theme choice. While I was planning my shower, I had a lot of themes in mind but wanted to choose the one which is unique in the way I display it. Some themes that I had in mind were pink or blue, everything baby, all Disney, pop-up party. Since my shower was planned around 19th week and we did not know the gender of my baby, we wanted to go neutral with colors versus the pink or blue. I could have simply done pink or blue as a theme, but I did not want to be stuck with that for everything. Also, I did not want to overdo the display. So My husband and I came up with a combination of ideas with a baby-based theme for guest activities and choosing safari theme for the photo booth with stage and cake still being pink or blue highlights. I am a DIY person and so a lot of the decors were self-made. Here is the list of decors we prep for the big day. 

  1. Stage & Backdrop: We had a small 10×10 stage which the banquet was to set up. This is for me to sit while the party was on. We did not do anything fancy to be honest. We used balloons in neutral colors as the stage backdrop. We had pre-cut the ribbons to tie the balloons once blown and display. We also put up same bunches of balloons in the front of the stage. For the stage, we only had one big display prepared as a decor piece. We wrapped up cardboard boxes in pink and blue gift paper. We did 6 boxes to put up both of our names. We cut out our name letters and stuck it on the box. It was kept vertically placed as a pillar on the stage. Finally, my chair- it was the easiest and quickest decor. We only wrapped it in a golden drape. 
  2. Diaper Cake– Until our shower, We didn’t know that Diaper Cake was customary in some cultures. I found the idea very interesting and decided to make one. My husband and I put together an amazing “Cradle” design for the diaper cake. Loved it!
  3. Photo Booth– This was a fun make. We gather a few props from home and grabbed the cut outs from the dollar store. To know more about the photo booth ideas please check my blog DIY Baby Shower Photo Booth.
  4. Stationery – As for any event, we did a guest list and seating arrangement.  Guests had their assigned table tags at the entrance ready for them as they walked in.
  5. Thank You Gifts/Cards – We got some favors for all guests as a thank you gift. We also had thank you cards for them to be sent out later.
  6. Activity Tables – We had a lot happening during the shower. We had planned tons of activities to keep the guests busy like filling in the baby’s alphabet book and so on. To know more about activities you could have in the shower, read my blog Baby Shower Guest Activities.
  7. Kids Zone – We had over 10 kids at the shower, so this was the best area. We had kids zone for all our little guests to keep them busy which we did our business. To know more about activities you could have in the shower, read my blog Baby Shower Guest Activities.
I hope you have a great shower. Good luck and congratulations again on becoming parents soon.

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