Dollar Store Hacks to Stay on Budget at your Baby Shower

Whenever I plan an event my first concern is being on a budget and that is why I love to go to the Dollar Store to grab the great stuff at the cheapest price. I browse both Dollarama as well as Dollar Tree looking for the best items. Here is a list of some great items you could buy at the Dollar Store for your baby shower.

  1. Pens or Pencils – If you plan to keep your guests busy with activities that include writing messages or completing your guest books, you cannot find bulk pens cheaper than the Dollar Store. You can also get “Sharpies” and “Crayola Color Markers” at the best price. They are handy even post-event.
  2. Crayons – Inviting kids at the shower is a big decision and keeping them busy during the event is a smart plan. At my shower, I had a kids zone where I left some coloring sheets and crayons to keep them occupied. Read my blog Baby Shower Guest Activities to keep your guests busy at your shower.
  3. Bag of Marbles/Pebbles – These can be used as weights for balloons or table cloth. Alternatively, to add some look and feel to the centerpiece (put in a vase). I used pebbles to make my own balloon weights. I filled in small bags (pouches) with pebbles and tied balloons to them and they were perfect weights!
  4. Vase – If you are on a tight budget and looking for some reasonable yet beautiful centerpieces, pick up some vases from the Dollar Store. Fill the vase with water. It makes a beautiful display. To be creative, you can throw in a few flower petals or fresh cut flowers, food coloring for colored water, or a floating candle.
  5. Cardboard Sheets – These are amazing as you can use it for multiple things. Display your name, messages for guests, direction to the location, etc. For my shower, I used it to pin my baby’s onesie for the guests to write the messages.
  6. Ribbons – I am a fancy person and so I use ribbons for decors, balloon ties as well as for gift wraps. You can get the ribbons in different colors and variety.
  7. Balloons – Dollar Store is the best place to buy balloons. You can pick and choose the colors and they come in a great quantity. All you have to spend then is on renting a helium tank (only if you are looking for gas balloons). It is one of the cheapest balloon display tricks. Grab balloons, fill in with a helium tank, tie to the ribbons, and attach it to your home-made weights for the Dollar Store pebble pack. In my blog, Baby Shower Decoration read the fun ideas on decorating your shower venue.
  8. Table Cards – These are a tough find if you are at the Dollar Store. They are hiding under the small wedding supplies in the corner. They come in a pack of 20 which is best for a small shower!
  9. Photo Booth Props – Dollar Store has now increased its range of products and they sell photo booth props. They usually come in packs of 10 with cutouts. Grab some party glasses, beads, Hawaiian hats, and garlands to add to your booth props. Read DIY Baby Shower Photo Booth for easy DIY photo booth ideas.
  10. Favor/ Gift Bags – Variety of designs and quantity are available to buy. Look for this in the section where stitching and other related art supplies are stored. They carry zip-lock bags that are great to use. Also, wedding supplies hold favor bags that are designer type and come in sets of 25. Gift bags are available in sets of 2 or 3 and individual if they are designer with pictures or writing on them.

Enjoy your shower, try these awesome Dollar Store supplies, and stay on budget!


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