Baby Registry

I cannot tell you how happy I feel about writing this post. It was only after I got married, that I formally knew about the term “Registry”. I had never known such a wonderful practice was in place to make things easier for the host and even for the guests. So instead of spending money on buying gifts, thinking if the host would like or not, better pick the gift from their registry and it is a happy ending!

So those of you who do not know, Registry is a wish list of items you as a host (parents-to-be) can create and share with your friends and family who are looking to buy gifts for your Baby Shower or even after baby is born. Now-a-days you can create your Registry either online or in-store. I had looked up at the most known stores like Toys R Us, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby and Pottery Barn. 
Well, I ended up creating my registry with Amazon. It offered me a welcome gift, free home delivery, and gift-wrapping options as well as return policy as per their stand terms and conditions. It was perfect for me because as a new mom-to-be, I can pick and choose the items I needed without visiting the stores. The Registry is active for 6 months, so planning your shower in your 5th or 6th month, will let your guests pick items even after! It also recommends items that are frequently bought together, giving better buying options.

Tips on creating your Registry:

1. Choose the supplier you trust (if you like Toys R Us or Buy Buy Baby – go for it).

2. Add all sorts of items on the Registry (don’t think if anyone will buy the item or not, just add if you like it).

3. Keep low and high-priced products (gives your guests options to may be buy 1 item for $50 for their gift budget or make a bundle of 5-6 items ranging in different prices to meet their budget).

4. Have products added for different age groups (0-6 months, 6-12 months and so on).

Here is the list of items you can add to your Registry. I am sure this will make it easy for you to create your Registry.

  1. Convertible Crib 
  2. Crib Mattress and Waterproof Mattress Cover
  3. Crib Mobile
  4. Changing Pad
  5. Changing Pad Cover
  6. Diaper Bags – Purse and Back Pack Style
  7. Portable Changing Mat (very handy for trips and usage at public washrooms)

  8. Milk Bottle Set
  9. Steam Sterilizer
  10. Wipe Warmer

  11. Organizer Caddy (hanging)

  12. Swing 
  13. Play Mat
  14. Wash & Burp Cloth
  15. Baby Sling

  16. Booster Seat or High Chair
  17. Diaper Pail & Refills
  18. Baby Hangers
  19. Baby Bath Tub
  20. Bath Toys
  21. Stroller Organizer
  22. Stow n’ Go Car Organizer
  23. Car Seat Protector Mat

  24. Car Sear Body and Neck Support
  25. Rattle Teether Set
  26. Swaddle Me (Ready to Go) Blankets
  27. Baby Grooming Kit

  28. Electric Nail Clipper

  29. Room Humidifier
  30. Baby Monitor

You can add Diapers, wipes, diaper pails, diaper rash creams, baby skin care products as well! Anything you think you will need, can go to your Registry. Remember, it is for you and your baby – anything that you think is useful can be a part of this gift Registry!

Enjoy your pregnancy and good luck preparing for the new arrival.

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