Reflections From The First Trimester

The first trimester flew in the blink of our eyes, however, my morning sickness made it a little bit more challenging. Aside from that everything else seemed to be highly magical. From the moment of knowing I was pregnant to sharing the news and living with the fact that I was raising a human being … More Reflections From The First Trimester

Sharing The News

After your engagement and wedding announcement, the most awaited news are about your pregnancy. When we found out I was pregnant, our conversation around sharing the news came up naturally. I had only returned back from my trip to India visiting family and friends. Just in a week my in-laws were flying in to stay … More Sharing The News

Are You Baby Ready?

Just when I got married in 2014, I had a lot of family and friends share their secrets saying, “Enjoy your honeymoon period to the best before you plan a baby”. My husband and I always chuckled back to such comments. As the year passed by and the first anniversary was celebrated, the lovely honeymoon … More Are You Baby Ready?

The Beginning…

Hello & Welcome to my blog. Babiesnmii is my first blog where I hope to share my pregnancy, maternity and postpartum experiences with you. I wish I can walk with you through this beautiful journey and you can relate it with mine. I am a loved wife , a working woman and a mommy to … More The Beginning…